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So this is me and my friends vlog when there is edupassion event at our school SMA 3 Bandung. So this event is about university, why did SMA 3 made this event? It's because so we can manage where do we wanna go after we graduated from SMA 3 Bandung. At this event there's many kind of university like ITB, UI, UGM, Wall Street Journal, UNIBRAW and many more, there's also from GO, Daniel, also Iwa K. At this event theres a workshop how to face SBMPTN, SNMPTN and how to choose the best university from now.        This event also show music from the band, or the extracurricular. There's also games from Daniel so if you can win the game you can get prize from Daniel like a book summary for us so we can study from that book and can get a better score at high school. At that event we went to many stands form the university and the tutoring, and if you wanna know what did we ask and do at the event you can watch the video up there or you can click this url…
The Food Of Hell From Indonesia
Famous as one of the best tropical countries, Indonesia provides tons of uniqueness and excitement. Its nature, culture, and art always bring millions of tourist each year. However, this time we are going to talk about one thing, Indonesia’s cuisine, in particular Sambal. Sambal or sambel is infamous among tourist as the food of hell for its undeniable ability to make the consumer produces tears and sweat when eating. Produced using chili as its main ingredient, sambal is indeed taste extremely spicy. Sambal is made by grinding ‘cabai’ or chili, along with several complements such as onion, cherry,  tomato, ‘terasi’, sugar, and salt. The ingredients are grinded using traditional tool made usually from wood or plastic. The texture is smooth with a vibrant color of green and red, depending on which chili you use. Infamous among tourists for its spiciness, many tourists avoid it. However, some of them are challenged and try to eat it. Those who dare to try usu…